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How To Apply For Admission


Enrollment process is a new experience for many first-time students and there are likely to be many questions. We hope you have a few for your personal situation and goals. Alaska Career College encourages students and potential students to communicate with our Admission Advisors wherever you hang-out: phone, social media, email, chat or in-person. Want to know more about Alaska Career College, registering for classes, financial aid, military certification, credit transfers? Questions big or small, we'd love to hear from you!


Enrollment Interview

A pre-admission interview is a two-step process. It is an opportunity for you to meet with an Admissions Advisor, learn more about Alaska Career College, and ask specific questions about the school, the curriculum, and the career field that you are considering. You will tour campus facilities and meet students and other staff members. It is also an opportunity for an Admissions Advisor to help you determine if you have the maturity, personal character, motivation, and commitment to succeed in the program you have chosen. We encourage every member of the family who has a sincere interest in your success to be present for the interview. During this initial interview you will also meet with a Financial Planning Advisor and receive information about tuition assistance programs available to qualified applicants.

If you live outside the greater Anchorage area you may ALSO request enrollment information and an enrollment application by calling Alaska Career College toll free (in Alaska) at 1-800-770-7575.

Enrollment Acceptance

Once your enrollment application, $25 enrollment application fee, copy of your high school diploma, GED certificate, or documentation of a post-secondary education degree and recommendation from your Admissions Advisor has been submitted, an enrollment acceptance interview is scheduled. At your enrollment acceptance interview, you will receive a formal letter of acceptance, your program pre-study packet and your program orientation and class schedule. Again, this is an excellent opportunity for you and your family to ask specific questions that may not have been answered or discussed in your initial interview. Upon completion of the enrollment interview, you will have a thorough understanding of Alaska Career College, the curriculum and student life as well as graduate placement assistance. The Financial Planning Department will confirm your tuition package and any necessary financial aid. You will be ready to begin your new career.

Life Changing Career Training

Life Changing Career Training